The moment you begin to speak with Craig, you can see and hear his passion for wellness and helping people. I have had two Reiki sessions with him, and have left both times feeling at peace, and balanced. Craig takes as much time as needed with you; I always feel relaxed and at ease. if you are in need of a coach to help you navigate day to day challenges, I highly recommend Craig to assist you with that journey. He is knowledgeable and has a very caring approach. I am looking forward to my next session with Craig!

Melissa, Age 44, new Hampshire


About five years ago, my husband gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to Tranquility Wellness Services. I thought it was for a massage. Boy, was I wrong. Craig has become my Wellness Coach and Reiki provider. He has helped me to actually name and identify stressors in my life. Through discussion, we discovered tools to deal with issues. I was able to stop taking on too much at both home and work. TOGETHER we continue to work on anything that comes up. I continue using these tools. They have helped me since my retirement and recently with the death of my husband, and life in general. Of course, table time is the best and we do continue to strategize there. I am having bilateral knee replacements soon, and I feel well-prepared. Visualization is an important part of this. And of course, Craig will be with me the morning of surgery to give me a Reiki treatment. Please don't put off having this wonderful, life changing experience.

Kate Clarke, RN, BSN retired


As a new client and being only vaguely familiar with Reiki I was uncertain of what to expect but Craig immediately made me feel comfortable. We spent a substantial amount of time talking about my past relationships and life events so he could get a sense of my story. These past six months have been troubling for me; I recently lost one of my best friends to cancer. I was unprepared for the physical and mental toll grief would take on me so I was open to giving Reiki a shot in hopes of inspiring peace and healing. I went into my session with an open mind ready to learn as much as possible.

One aspect that I enjoyed during my session was the incorporation of essential oils; Craig was very patient and shared his extensive knowledge on the properties of a variety of oils. He guided me in selecting oils that would enhance the quality of the experience keeping in mind the goals and concerns I had shared. Throughout the session he maintained an open dialogue and I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing my thoughts. Being new to Reiki I was curious about the process and wanted to understand what my body was holding onto and why I seemed to harbor pain in specific areas. I learned that my right side carries more tension than my left and that people who are caretaking types tend to experience this due to their habits of reaching/extending from the heart.

Overall, I found the session to be deeply relaxing, soothing and informative. Immediately afterwards I felt inches taller (I'm already pretty tall at 5'10") and my body felt significantly lighter like I had released an invisible weight that was holding me back. It’s been a few days since my session and I have experienced a shift; it feels like my body is realigning in a positive way. I have resumed doing yoga after not practicing for months and I find myself subconsciously letting go of habits that no longer serve me. I highly recommend Craig (Tranquility Wellness Services) for your Reiki and wellness needs! I'm already looking forward to my next session!

Liz, Age 28, Connecticut


I have seen many hands-on wellness professionals over the years. The time that I recently spend with Craig was the first time that I felt that someone was truly working "with" me, not just "on" me!

Catherine, Age 47, New York City


I am pregnant with my first child, and during the last few months my body has undergone many changes. My job as a waitress in a very busy restaurant has started to take more of a physical toll on me. My visits with Craig have provided a great deal of relief! His hands-on Reiki wellness sessions are very relaxing, I love the essential oils that he shares with me, and Craig's excellent understanding of the different stages of pregnancy have been very comforting and reassuring.

Vikki, Age 27, Rhode Island


I met Craig several years ago through a local business networking group. After I heard several members of the group give him very positive testimonials for his wellness service, I booked a session with him. I found that his unique approach, which includes a very thorough stress level and wellness assessment, client education, and extremely intuitive hands-on Reiki relaxation sessions, is exceptionally effective!

When I recently had some serious back issues, Craig's willingness to make house and office calls made finding significant pain relief even easier for me.

Tom, Age 65, New Hampshire


I have been using Craig's wellness services for several years now. With two school-aged daughters, a part-time job, and my own business, I very much look forward to my monthly Reiki wellness sessions as a time to let go of stress, take care of myself, and re-charge. I also appreciate Craig's wellness coaching, as he works with me during each visit to come up with better ways for me to balance work, family, and life!

Abby, Age 29, New Hampshire